Revolutionary Photo Identity Codes (PIC) works just like QR codes except it is "Invisible" encoded into your images

How it works on prints
How it works online

Reasons why 1000s photographers are using Photo Identity Codes

Images embedded with Photo Identity Codes whether printed or online can be scanned with a mobile phone and take customers straight to your website, generating new hot leads. Turning all your images into advertising billboards (this is a revolutionary idea in today's mobile world)
We can show you a list of people who scanned your images. Photo Identity Codes is designed to help photographers manage all your potential customers who are interested in your images. So instead of waiting for customers to connect with you, now that you know who they are you can push your promotion directly to them.
Images are often posted online without your permission. Now you never have to worry about image theft, because Photo Identity Codes(PIC) are embedded. Erasable only by you!
Enhance your customer interaction experience by embedding voice or video into your images. This adds WOW factor which also increases the $value of your services. Some photographers charge their customers hundreds of dollars for this service.
No extra time is required, Photo Identity Codes are Free to encode.

Try it for yourself!

Step 1: Download the icode App
Step 2: Scan this image on the screen with your icode App. (held parallel to the image and focus)
Step 3: It will display a interactive video of wedding vows and your studio promotion
  • Photo identity codes help photographers to boost interactive experience of your clients with Video, Website, Audio, Location…and more
  • Best copy rights protection for photographers.
  • Photographers can embed your advertising into all your photos. Turning every image into an advertising billboard for your studio. Clients and their friends click straight to your website.
(turn your photos into your advertisement billboards)
Brag Album
  • Brag albums are proven to increase booking success rate
  • The best promotion for your business as your customers will not take your wall mount everywhere with them but they will take this cute Mini album to work, to visit family and friends, church, cafe etc... with your studio logo and info on the back this Brag album is 10times more effective than magazine advertising.
Canvas Wall Art
  • Genuine Epson Printing on 100% cotton canvas
  • Comes in a tube for easy transport and assembly in 1 min
Neo Portrait Album (10"x10")
  • Different color leather to choose from or photo cover
  • 10" x 10" inch, 16 sides, each additional side only $5. Print and bind complete service.
Premium Wedding Album "Medium Size"
(14"x10" or 12"x12")
  • Your choice of any premium album cover (Medium size 14"x10" or 12"x12")
  • 20sides included and additional side starts from $8 per side (Print and Assembled)
Premium Wedding Album "Large Size"
(17"x12" or 15"x15")
  • Your choice of any premium album cover (Large size 17"x12" or 15"x15")
  • 20sides included and additional side starts from $12 per side (Print and Assembled)
  • FREE Metallic Paper Upgrade (2sides)
  • FREE Art Paper Upgrade (2sides)
  • FREE Gatefold Upgrade
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